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Groundnut Oil

Groundnut oil is a vegetable oil that is rich in unsaturated fats. It is extracted from the groundnuts. It is a highly popular oil and is cultivated in massive volumes across the length and breadth of Tamil Nadu. It is known locally as 'Maniya' or 'Malatai' in this geographical area.

It is used widely for multifarious purposes across the globe especially in Asia comprising of China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and any more countries to serve the purpose of cooking oil. The oil is known to be rich in nutritious constituents such as vitamins and minerals. Adding this oil to serve the medium of cooking for various food items especially Papat currant, puri augments the taste and imparts a unique aroma to the cooked item.

This oil is also known to augment the good cholesterol (HDL) and diminish the bad cholesterol(LDL) from our body. Being effective in reducing the bad cholesterol, it is a powerful agent to minimize the risk of heart attack.

It is also a positive supplement to increase the body immunity and it is a significant carrier of vitamin "E" that protects your skin. Apart from curing the heart-related concerns, this oil has shown a great assistance in diminishing the chances of cancer. To conclude, we can only say this oil is a great boon for the mankind and its regular usage as a cooking medium is an assurance to provide a healthy life to the users that are absolutely free from any of the body ailments.


  • Groundnut Oil contains monounsaturated fats that are useful to lower high blood pressure.
  • Take a few drops of Groundnut Oil and mix it with 2-3 drops of lime juice. This is an orthodox remedy to treat acne.
  • Excellent remedy to cure disorders like constipation, digestive problems, diarrhea, etc.
  • Groundnut Oil is widely used in aromatherapy, since it has a very light and nutty aroma.

Groundnut Oil 1 Ltr

Price : 190 Rs (Excluding 18% GST)

Groundnut Oil 1/2 Ltr

Price : 100 Rs (Excluding 18% GST)