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Gingley Oil

I2 Agro Products Private Limited Gingellyiiingelly oil is a fabulous composition that is known to be rich in antioxidants. The seeds of Sesame are combined with palm jaggery or normal jaggery and then cold pressed, producing a wonderful extract known as sesame oil which is been used since ages and is a powerful remedy as suggested by our ancestors.

The I2 Agro Products Private Limited Gingellyingelly oil is found to be rich in multiple nutritional components comprising chlorophyll, fiber, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin "E". It has been proved that the constituents of this oil are employed by the human body to derive a substance having a paste-like consistency that when deposited over the joints of our bones works as a guard against possible bone joint deterioration.

Apart from having numerous medicinal uses, this oil is also a great taste enhancer in our food for instance usage of this oil to saute sambhar and curries and mixing the oil with the chili powder of idli/dosa augments the taste and aroma to a heavenly level.

It can also be used as a vibrant massaging agent to de-stress your head and body before taking a bath. It is rich in vitamin "K" which is also a natural antioxidant and is a full proof cell protector and life enhancer. It is also been famed to be an acclaimed agent against cancer since it is composed of micronutrients like Lignans, tocopherols, and phytosterols which are found exclusively in this oil. It also helps relieve the people from mental stress by lowering down the stress level to a huge level.

It comprises of good cholesterol which works as a negative energy for the bad cholesterol and keeps us free from the possibilities of heart diseases. As per the master of Ayurveda, "Sarakar," this oil is the ultimate remedy for the well-being of the human body which is also stated by him in his famous book 'Saraga Samshudi'.

It is popularly known as the queen of all oils. Consuming approximately 2-4 teaspoon of Sesame oil on a daily basis is an assurance to enhance your body mass index, discard skin related concerns imparting a healthy glow to your skin and also works to be a great tool to minimizing cough related symptoms.

Also, application of this oil to your eyes and on the head for a minimum of 3 days along with bathing in lukewarm water will decrement the eye-related disorders such as red eye, pain in eyes, watery eyes and also a headache.


  • Suitable for Cooking
  • Loaded with essential minerals such as managanese, copper, iron, phosporous & calcium.
  • Sesame seeds contains anti-cancer agents
  • Oil Pulling & Hair Growth.
  • Helps to Keep Your Hair Healthy.
  • Prevents funfal & bacterial problems of scalp.
  • Baby Oil Massage & Body Massage
  • Also known as Nallennai / Yellennai / Black Sesame Seed Oil / Til Oil

Gingley Oil 1 Ltr

Price : 330 Rs (Excluding 18% GST)

Gingley Oil 1/2 Ltr

Price : 170 Rs (Excluding 18% GST)